Odie the Dachshund


Friday, November 5, 2010

Harlow! Long time no see!

Dear friends, long time no see! Mommy has been extremely busy lately, yeah, you guessed it right, busy playing with FaceBook games...duh...Well, many things happened already...

Firstly, I have been diagnosed with Arthritis on Oct 26. Not sure what it meant but I could not walk for one week as my left shoulder hurts. I am much better now albeit still limp slightly. I have been given 2 injections to sooth my joints. Another 2 to go. Mommy also gives me daily intake of Glucosamine and painkiller, in addition to lots of massage.

Also, our house is under renovation by the Government. They call it HIP - Home Improvement Programme :) Our house is pretty old already..more than 30 years old...so upgrading is necessary. The renovation started on Monday, Nov 1 and will last for 10 working days, which means we will only be happy again on Nov 12, with new toilets, new doors, new piping, etc. But now, the whole house is super dusty!!! We have been going to Grandma's house every night since Monday to bathe and sleep...

Without much ado, let's see some of my pictures :)

P/S: By the way, Mommy can blog today because she can finally use her computer after so many days...

This is me during day time. I have to remain in my cot. Super boring!!! I have been a very good boy. I didn't bark at the workers :)

We sleep at Grandma's place at night. I get to sleep with Mommy :)

Well, I adapt pretty well to the renovation thing...The whole process is like an adventure to me really...And Grandma's house is sooo big I get to run around freely. Mommy is still praying for my complete recovery. When I am better Mommy will bring me out for a swim at doggie pool. Yay!