Odie the Dachshund


Friday, April 30, 2010

How to stay cool in hot weather

Well, you know, you gotta drink lots of water.

Nah, the hot weather never bothers me.

I am as cool as I can be.

Be cool, dude.

Morning walkie

The weather is so hot these days.

Gotta find sheltered places to avoid the scorching sun.

Mornings & evenings are best for walkies.

Mummy, when are we going to Botanic Gardens again?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Big bed, small bed

Every night I sleep on a tidy bed.
No, I am not happy about it.
You see, I am a dachshund.
Dachshunds dream BIG right?

I'm gonna sleep here tonight.
Well, BIG bed for BIG dream, right?

This is what I am talking about.
A BIG bed, all by myself.

Well, I don't really mind the company of 4 tiny doggies toys too.

Parents: Time's up! Now go back to your bed.