Odie the Dachshund


Monday, July 19, 2010

National Day is just around the corner

This is the time of the year to wear my bandana.

Mommy was busy taking photos a while ago,
apparently to enter into some competition.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Wet Sunday

It has been a wet wet day today. Boring.

Thank God for Dachsies Gathering @ K9 Cafe.

See how friendly Dodo is. She greets me the moment I step in.

Sweetie Momo.

Dodo, Momo and Fifi are so gorgeous with the beautiful beautiful harness.

New friend Kuro. Beautiful shiny fur. Very handsome and friendly.

A super friendly Corgi friend who waits at the door in order to go out and play.

Sweetie Momo again.

She is fearless in front of a much bigger dog.

I have got to learn from her as I will become very timid when a big dog is nearby. Even a friendly golden will make me faint > <

Beautiful Nika. I keep on wanting her daddy to carry me and she's not very happy about it. Sorry...


She looks tired as she is on heat.

Mommy loves her as she is soooooo gentle, so unlike me who is so stubborn.

See how gentle Fifi is.
Mom: See how fat Odie is.

Mom, did you just say I'm fat!!??
Fifi: That guy sure has a fat "behind". Hardly any space left for me to move about...

Kuro and Soho.

We had a wonderful time today despite the wet weather.

Looking forward to more gatherings in the future!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


We have seen this sculpture numerous times in Botanic Gardens.

But Mommy only realized it today that he is Chopin the Polish composer and he is discussing his latest masterpiece with this lady.

Mom, gotta pay more attention to the things near you...

Well, the weather just now was really nice for a walkie. Especially since yesterday and this morning was raining very heavily and many areas were flooded.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday is a fantastic day!

Well, on some Sundays, Dad and Mom will go Medi-ya to buy very yummy sashimi.

Of course I will get to eat 2 slices. ^-^

This time round Mommy also bought beef.
(Mom: So expensive! It's S$12 there!)

(Expression borrowed from Cafe World on Facebook. Mom is playing this game every night.)